Watchtower Exposed and Jehovah Witness Contradictions Documents

Introduction to Jehovah Witness Contradiction Documents

JW Literature teach you to examine your own religion

WTO is the proclaimed mouthpiece of God

Trust in the JW Organization

New Revelations and Text Changes

Famous 1914 JW False Prophecy

Famous 1915 JW False Prophecy

Scanned copies of the other JW False Prophecies

Watch Tower proclaims Jesus began His reign in 1974 as the head of their organization

JW Literature teach no one should follow false prophets

Mistranslations of the New World Translation - the JW Bible

Evidence form the Greek Bible that Jesus was God despite JW's bibles translations

Other Bad 'New World Translation' Translations

JW literature teach the Watchtower is the only way for salvation

JW literature - additional contradictions in their own literature - Charles Russel was not a prophet