Ark Tablet

The Ark Tablet

Approx Age: 1700 b.c.e

Writing: Cuneiform on Clay Tablet

The Ark tablet is a cuneiform tablet translated by Irvine Finkle, Asst. keeper of the Department of Middle East for the British Museum, and describes an ancient account of a boat that was build by Atra-Hasis, directed by the gods as salvation from a global flood. 

The boat was a circular vessel that houses two of every kind of animal. The historic account, though misinterpreted from the original account from Noah, still carries with it the remnant of the original truth that was spread through the world at that time. 

The tablet is housed at the British Museum (Museum number C.263), on display in Room 56. The tablet measures 11.5 x 6.0 cm and contains exactly 60 lines of cuneiform script written out ably and without error.