Ancient Technology

Documents on Ancient Technology - Overview

There are many ancient techs the record mankind's access to advanced technology. Here we will explore a few of those texts.

Ancient Hindu Texts - Vimana

Many of the ancient Hindu texts record the Vimana also known as Ratha, air chariots, airplanes, spaceships and spacecrafts) and different types of  propulsion systems. These vehicles where operated by people and could travel through the air and into space. These vehicles are recorded as having the capability to move not only up and down, but front and back and side to side with ease. 

These vessels where not only in the shapes of boats, chariots and disks, but also resembled cities or other odd shapes. These vehicles where driven by the Hindu gods and their agents, but by humans as well.

In the Rig Veda we find some of the following descriptions

Pyramids of Giza - Focus Electromagnetic Energy

A very interesting article by by Anastasia Komarova , ITMO University reveals a study that shows the great pyramids of Giza conduct electromagnetic energy. 

An international research team has examined the electromagnetic response of the Great Pyramid to radio waves using theoretical physics methods. Scientists hypothesized that the pyramid can focus electromagnetic energy beneath its base and into its internal chambers under resonance circumstances. These theoretical findings will be used by the research team to create nanoparticles that can replicate similar optical effects. Such nanoparticles could be employed, for instance, to create highly effective solar cells and sensors. Journal of Applied Physics published the work.