The Gospel Of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas - Coptic - Apocryphal

There are two gospels of Thomas that were discovered at Nag Hammadi. The first is the Coptic Gospel of Thomas that contains a supposed list of 114 says of Jesus, the second is the pseudo graphical account of Jesus infancy using the name of the disciple Thomas. 



The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945 and dates at roughly 340 a.d however it is estimated that the original composition dates to some time between 140 - 180 a.d.  It was made from the Coptic text published by Messrs. Brill of Leiden. The Gospel of Thomas is supposedly a collection of 114 sayings of Jesus.  Before the Nag Hammadi discovery, very little was known about the Gospel of Thomas other than three small fragments from Oxyrynchus that date to A.D. 200, as well as roughly a half dozen references from Church Fathers. The text has deliberate and obvious Syrian and Gnostic Christian influence. 


Gospel of Thomas Text

These are the secret words which the living Jesus spoke, and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote them down.

1 And he said: He who shall find the interpretation of the words shall not taste of death.

2 Jesus said: He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until: finds; and when he finds he will be troubled, and if he is troubled, he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.

3 Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: It is in the sea, then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.

4 Jesus said: The man aged in his days will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days about the place of life, and he shall live. For there are many first who shall be last, and they shall become a single one.

5 Jesus said: Know what is before thy face, and what hidden from thee shall be revealed unto thee; for there is nothing hidden which shall not be made manifest.

6 His disciples asked him and said unto him: Wilt thou that we fast? And how shall we pray? Shall we give alms? And what rules shall we observe in eating? Jesus said: Do not lie; and that which you hate, do not do. For all things are revealed before heaven. For there is nothing hidden which shall not be manifest, and there is nothing covered which shall remain without being uncovered.

7 Jesus said: Blessed is the lion which the man shall eat, and the lion become man; and cursed is the man whom the lion shall eat, and the lion become man.

8 And he said: Man is like a wise fisherman, who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a large good fish. He threw down all the small fish into the sea; he chose the large fish without trouble. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

9 Jesus said: Behold, the sower went forth, he filled his hand, he cast. Some fell upon the road; the birds came and gathered them. Others fell on the rock, and sent no root down to the earth nor did they sprout any ear up to heaven. And others fell on the thorns; they choked the seed, and the worm ate them. And others fell on the good earth, and brought forth good fruit unto heaven, some sixtyfold and some an hundred and twenty -fold.

10 Jesus said: I have cast fire upon the world, and behold I guard it until it is ablaze.

11 Jesus said: This heaven shall pass away, and that which above it shall pass away; and they that are dead are not alive and they that live shall not die. In the days when you were eating that which is dead, you were making it alive. When you come in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you have become two, what will you do?

12 The disciples said to Jesus: We know that thou wilt go from us. Who is he who shall be great over us? Jesus said to them: In the place to which you come, you shall go to James the Just for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.

13 Jesus said to his disciples: Make a comparison to me, and tell me whom I am like. Simon Peter said to him: Thou art like a righteous angel. Matthew said to him: Thou art like a wise man of understanding. Thomas said to him: Master, my mouth will no wise suffer that I say whom thou art like. Jesus said: I am not thy master, because thou hast drunk, thou hast become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out. And he took him, went aside, and spoke to him three words. Now when Thomas came to his companions, they asked him: What did Jesus say unto thee? Thomas said to them: If I tell you one of the words which he said to me, you will take up stones and throw them me; and a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up.

14 Jesus said to them: If you fast, you will beget a sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do an evil to your spirits. And if you go into any land and travel in its regions, if they receive you eat what they set before you. Heal the sick among them. For that which goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which comes forth from your mouth, that is what will defile you.

15 Jesus said: When you see him who was not born of woman, throw yourselves down upon your face and worship him. He is your Father.

16 Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I am come to cast peace upon the world, and know not that I am come to cast divisions upon the earth, fire, sword, war. For there shall be five in a house; there shall be three against two, and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitaries.

17 Jesus said: I will give you that which eye has not seen, an ear has not heard, and hand has not touched, and which has not entered into the heart of man.

18 The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us how our end shall be. Jesus said: Have you then discovered the beginning, that you seek after the end? For where the beginning is, there shall the end be. Blessed is he who shall stand in the beginning, and he shall know the end and shall not taste of death.

19 Jesus said: Blessed is he who was before he came into being. If you become my disciples and hear my words, these stones shall minister unto you. For you have five trees in Paradise which do not move in summer or in winter, and their leaves do not fall. He who knows them shall not taste of death.

20 The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us what the kingdom of heaven is like. He said to them: It is like a grain of mustard-seed, smaller than all seeds; but when it falls on the earth which is tilled, it puts forth a great branch, and becomes shelter for the birds of heaven.

21 Mary said to Jesus: Whom are thy disciples like? He said They are like little children dwelling in a field which is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say: Yield up to us our field. They are naked before them, to yield it up to them and to give them back their field. Therefore I say: If the master of the house knows that the thief is coming, he will keep watch before he comes, and will not let him dig into his house of his kingdom to carry off his vessels. You, then, be watchful over against the world. Gird up your loins with great strength, that the brigands may not find a way to come at you, since the advantage for which you look they will find. May there be among you a man of understanding! When the fruit was ripe, he came quickly, his sickle in his hand, and reaped it. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

22 Jesus saw some infants at the breast. He said to his disciples: These little ones at the breast are like those who enter into the kingdom. They said to him: If we then be children, shall we enter the kingdom? Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper side as the lower; and when you make the male and the female into a single one, that the male be not male and the female female; when you make eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then shall you enter [the kingdom].

23 Jesus said: I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one.

24 His disciples said: Teach us concerning the place where thou art, for it is necessary for us to seek after it. He said to them: He that hath ears, let him hear. There is a light within a man of light, and it gives light to the whole world. If it does not give light, there is darkness.

25 Jesus said: Love thy brother as thy soul; keep him as the apple of thine eye.

26 Jesus said: The mote which is in thy brother’s eye, thou seest; but the beam which is in thine eye, thou seest not. When thou dost cast out the beam from thine own eye, then wilt thou see to cast out the mote from thy brother’s eye.

27 Jesus said: If you fast not from the world, you will not find the kingdom; if you keep not the Sabbath as Sabbath, you will not see the Father.

28 Jesus said: I stood in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found them all drunk, I found none among them thirsting; and my soul was afflicted for the sons of men, for they are blind in their heart and they do not see. For empty came they into the world, seeking also to depart empty from the world. But now they are drunk. When they have thrown off their wine, then will they repent.

29 Jesus said: If the flesh has come into being because of the spirit, it is a marvel; but if the spirit has come into being because of the body, it is a marvel of marvels. But as for me, I marvel at this, how this great wealth has settled in this poverty.

30 Jesus said: Where there are three gods, they are gods; where there are two or one, I am with him.

31 Jesus said: No prophet is acceptable in his village; a physician does not heal those who know him.

32 Jesus said: A city that is built on a high mountain and fortified cannot fall, nor can it remain hidden.

33 Jesus said: What thou shalt hear in thine ear, proclaim to the other ear on your roof-tops. For no man lights a lamp and sets it under a bushel, nor does he put it in a hidden place; but he sets it upon the lamp-stand, that all who go in and come out may see its light.

34 Jesus said: If a blind man lead a blind man, both fall into a pit.

35 Jesus said: It is not possible for anyone to go into the strong man’s house and take it or him by force, unless he bind his hands; then he will plunder his house.

36 Jesus said: Be not anxious from morning to evening and from evening to morning about what you shall put on.

37 His disciples said: On what day wilt thou be revealed us, and on what day shall we see thee? Jesus said: When you unclothe yourselves and are not ashamed, and take your garments and lay them beneath your feet like little children, and tread upon them, then [shall ye see] the Son of the living One, and ye shall not fear.

38 Jesus said: Many times have you desired to hear these words which I speak unto you, and you have none other from whom to hear them. Days will come when you will seek after me, and you will not find me.

39 Jesus said: The Pharisees and the scribes have received the keys of knowledge; they have hidden them. They did not go in, and those who wanted to go in they did not allow. But you be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

40 Jesus said: A vine was planted apart from the Father, and since it is not established it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed.

41 Jesus said: He who has in his hand, to him shall be given; and he who has not, from him shall be taken even the little that he has.

42 Jesus said: Become passers-by.

43 His disciples said to him: Who art thou, that thou shouldst say these things to us? Jesus said to them From what I say unto you, you do not understand who I am, but you have become as the Jews; for they love the tree and hate its fruit, and they love the fruit and hate the tree.

44 Jesus said: He who blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and he who blasphemes against the Son will be forgiven but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.

45 Jesus said: They do not gather grapes from thorns, no pluck figs from camel-thistles; they do not yield fruit. A good man brings forth a good thing from his treasure; a bad man bring forth evil things from his evil treasure which is in his heart, and he says evil things; for out of the abundance of his heart he brings forth evil things.

46 Jesus said: From Adam to John the Baptist there is none born of woman who is higher than John the Baptist, so that his eyes will not be broken? But I have said, He who shall be among you as a little one shall know the kingdom, and shall be higher than John.

47 Jesus said: It is not possible for a man to ride two horses or draw two bows, and it is not possible for a servant to serve two masters; or he will honour the one and insult the other. A man does not drink old wine and immediately desire to drink new wine; and they do not pour new wine into old skins, lest they burst, nor do they pour old wine into new skins, lest it spoil. They do not sew an old patch on a new garment, for a rent will come.

48 Jesus said: If two make peace with one another in this or house, they shall say to the mountain: Be moved, and it shall be moved.

49 Jesus said: Blessed are the solitary and the elect, for you shall find the kingdom; for you came forth thence, and shall go there again.

50 Jesus said: If they say to you: Whence have you come?, tell them: We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being through itself alone. It [stood], and it revealed itself in their image. If they say to you: Who are you?, say: We are his sons, and we are the elect of the living Father. If they ask you: What is the sign of your Father in you?, tell them: It is a movement and a rest.

51 His disciples said to him: On what day will the rest of the dead come into being? And on what day will the new world come? He said to them: That which ye await has come, but ye know it not.

52 His disciples said to him: Twenty-four prophets spoke in Israel, and they all spoke concerning lit. in thee. He said them: You have neglected him who is alive before you, and have spoken about the dead.

53 His disciples said to him: Is circumcision profitable or not? He said to them: Were it profitable, their father would beget them from their mother circumcised. But the true circumcision in spirit has proved entirely profitable lit.: has found usefulness altogether.

54 Jesus said: Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven.

55 Jesus said: He who shall not hate his father and his mother cannot be my disciple, and he who does not hate his brethren and his sisters and take up his cross like me shall not be worthy of me.

56 Jesus said: He who has known the world has found corpse, and he who has found a corpse, the world is not worthy of him.

57 Jesus said: The kingdom of the Father is like a man who had [good] seed. His enemy came by night, he sowed a weed among the good seed. The man did not allow them to pull up the weed. He said to them: Lest perhaps you go to pull up the weed, and pull up the wheat with it. For on the day of harvest the weeds will be manifest; they will be pulled up and burned.

58 Jesus said: Blessed is the man who has suffered; he has found the life.

59 Jesus said: Look upon the living One so long as you live, that you may not die and seek to see him, and be unable to see.

60 They saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb going into Judaea. He said to his disciples: Why does he carry the lamb? They said to him: That he may kill it and eat it. He said to them: So long as it is alive he will not eat it, but if he kill it and it become a corpse. They said: Otherwise he will not be able to do it. He said to them: You also, seek for yourselves a place within for rest, lest you become a corpse and be eaten.

61 Jesus said: Two shall rest upon a bed; one shall die, the other live.

Salome said: Who art thou; O man? And whose son? Thou hast mounted my bed, and eaten from my table. Jesus said to her I am he who is from that which is equal; to me was given of the things of my Father. Salome said I am thy disciple. Jesus said to her Therefore I say, when it is equal it will be filled with light, but when it is divided it will be filled with darkness

62 Jesus said: I tell my mysteries to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries. What thy right hand shall do, let not thy left hand know what it does.

63 Jesus said: There was a rich man who had many possessions. He said: I will use my possessions that I may sow and reap and plant, and fill my barns with fruit, that I may have need of nothing. These were his thoughts in his heart. And in that night he died. He that hath ears, let him hear.

64 Jesus said: A man had guests, and when he had prepared the dinner he sent his servant to summon the guests. He came to the first; he said to him: My master summons thee. He said: I have money with some merchants. They are coming to me in the evening. I will go and give them orders. I pray to be excused from the dinner. He went to another; he said to him: My master has summoned thee. He said to him: I have bought a house, and they ask me for a day. I shall not have time. He came to another; he aid to him: My master summons thee. He said to him: My friend is about to be married, and I am to hold a dinner. I shall not be able to come. I pray to be excused from the dinner. He went to another; he said to him: My master summons thee. He said him: I have bought a village; I go to collect the rent. I shall not be able to come. I pray to be excused. The servant came, he said to his master: Those whom thou didst summon to the dinner have excused themselves. The master said to his servant: Go out to the roads. Bring those whom thou shall find, that they may dine. The buyers and the merchants [shall] not [enter] the places of my Father.

65 He said: A good man had a vineyard. He gave it to husbandmen that they might work it, and he receive its fruit their hand. He sent his servant, that the husbandmen might give him the fruit of the vineyard. They seized his servant, they beat him, and all but killed him. The servant came and told his master. His master said: Perhaps they did not know him. He sent another servant; the husbandmen beat the other also. Then the master sent his son. He said: Perhaps they will reverence my son. Those husbandmen, since they knew that he was the heir the vineyard, they seized him and killed him. He that hath ears, let him hear.

66 Jesus said: Teach me concerning this stone which the builders rejected; it is the cornerstone.

67 Jesus said: He who knows the All but fails to know himself lacks everything.

68 Jesus said: Blessed are you when they hate you, and persecute you, and do not find a place in the spot where they persecuted you.

69 Jesus said: Blessed are they who have been persecuted in their heart; these are they who have known the Father in truth. Blessed are they that hunger, that they may fill the belly him who desires.

70 Jesus said: When you bring forth that in yourselves, that which you have will save you. If you do not have that in yourselves, that which you do not have in you will kill you.

71 Jesus said: I will des[troy this] house, and none shall able to build it [again].

72 [A man said] to him: Speak to my brethren, that they may divide my father’s possessions with me. He said to him: O man, who made me a divider? He turned to his disciples and said to them: I am not a divider, am I?

73 Jesus said: The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few; but pray the Lord, that he send forth labourers into the harvest.

74 He said: Lord, there are many about the well, but no one in the well.

75 Jesus said: There are many standing at the door, but the solitary are they who shall enter the bridal chamber.

76 Jesus said: The kingdom of the Father is like a merchant was who had a load of goods and found a pearl. That merchant was wise. He sold the load, and bought for himself the pearl alone. You also, seek after his treasure which does not perish but endures, where moth does not enter to devour, nor does worm destroy.

77 Jesus said: I am the light that is over them all. I am the All; the All has come forth from me, and the All has attained unto me. Cleave a piece of wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, an ye shall find me there.

78 Jesus said: Why came ye forth into the field? To see reed shaken by the wind? And to see a man clothed in soft raiment?[Behold, your] kings and your great men are they who are clothed in soft [raiment], and they [shall] not be able to know the truth.

79 A woman in the crowd said to him: Blessed is the womb which bore thee, and the breasts which nourished thee. He said to her: Blessed are they who have heard the word of the Father and have kept it in truth. For there shall be days when you will say: Blessed is that womb which has not conceived, and those breasts which have not given suck.

80 Jesus said: He who has known the world has found the body, and he who has found the body, the world is not worthy of him.

8 I  Jesus said: He who has become rich, let him become king, and he who has power let him deny.

82 Jesus said: He who is near to me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom.

83 Jesus said: The images are revealed to the man, and the light which is in them is hidden in the image of the light of the Father. He shall be revealed, and his image is hidden by his light.

84 Jesus said: When you see your likeness, you rejoice; but when you see your images which came into being before you — they neither die nor are made manifest — how much will you bear?

85 Jesus said: Adam came into being out of a great power and a great wealth, and yet he was not worthy of you. For if he tad been worthy, he would not have tasted of death.

86 Jesus said: [The foxes have] the[ir holes] and the birds have [their nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head and rest.

87 Jesus said: Wretched is the body which depends upon a body, and wretched is the soul which depends on these two.

88 Jesus said: The angels come to you, and the prophets, and they shall give you what belongs to you; and you also, give the what is in your hands, and say to yourselves: On what day do they come and take what is theirs?

89 Jesus said: Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not understand that he who made the inside is also he who made the outside?

90 Jesus said: Come unto me, for easy is my yoke and my lordship is gentle, and you shall find rest for yourselves.

91 They said to him: Tell us who thou art, that we may believe in thee. He said to them: You test the face of the heaven and the earth, and him who is before you you do not know, and you know not to test this moment.

92 Jesus said: Seek, and ye shall find; but those things concerning which ye asked me in those days, I did not tell you then. Now I wish to tell them, and ye seek not after them.

93 Jesus said: Give not that which is holy to the dogs, lest they cast them on the dung- heap; cast not the pearls to the swine lest they grind it [to bits].

94 Jesus [said]: He who seeks shall find, and he who knock to him it shall be opened.

95 [Jesus said]: If you have money, do not lend at interest, but give [it] to him from whom you will not receive them back.

96 Jesus [said]: The kingdom of the Father is like a woman who took a little leaven and [hid] it in meal; she made large loaves of it. He that hath ears, let him hear.

97 Jesus said: The kingdom of the [Father] is like a woman; carrying a jar full of meal and walking a long way. The handle the jar broke; the meal poured out behind her on the road. She was unaware, she knew not her loss. When she came into her house, she put down the jar and found it empty.

98 Jesus said: The kingdom of the Father is like a man who wanted to kill a great man. He drew the sword in his house and drove it into the wall, that he might know that his hand would be strong. Then he slew the great man.

99 The disciples said to him: Thy brethren and thy mother are standing outside. He said to them: Those here who do the will of my Father, these are my brethren and my mother; these are they who shall enter into the kingdom of my Father.

100 They showed Jesus a gold piece and said to him: They who belong to Caesar demand tribute from us. He said to them: What belongs to Caesar give to Caesar, what belongs to God give to God, and what is mine give unto me.

101 Jesus said He who shall not hate his father and: mother like me cannot be my [disciple], and he who shall [not] love [his father] and his mother like me cannot be my [disciple]; for my mother [. ..] but my true [mother] gave me life.

102 And Jesus said: Woe to them, the Pharisees! For they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of the cattle; for he neither eats nor does he let the cattle eat.

103 Jesus said: Blessed is the man who knows in what part the robbers are coming, that he may rise and gather his [domain] and gird up his loins before they come in.

104 They said [to him]: Come, let us pray today and fast. Jesus said: What then is the sin that I have done, or wherein have I been vanquished? But when the bridegroom comes forth from the bridal chamber, then let them fast and pray.

105 Jesus said: He who shall know father and mother shall be called the son of a harlot.

106 Jesus said: When you make the two one, you shall become sons of man, and when you say: Mountain, be moved, it shall be moved.

I07 Jesus said: The kingdom is like a shepherd who had hundred sheep. One of them, the biggest, went astray. He left the ninety-nine and sought after the one till he found it. When he had laboured, he said to the sheep: I love thee more than the ninety-nine.

I08 Jesus said: He who shall drink from my mouth shall become like me; I myself will become he, and the hidden thing shall be revealed to him.

109 Jesus said: The kingdom is like a man who had in his field a [hidden] treasure about which he did not know; and [after] he died he left it to his [son. The] son also did not know; he took possession of that field and sold it. The man who bough it came to plough, and [found] the treasure. He began to lend money at interest to whomsoever he chose.

110 Jesus said: He who has found the world and become rich, let him deny the world.

111 Jesus said: The heavens shall be rolled up and the earth before your face, and he who lives in the living One shall neither see death nor fear; because Jesus says: He who shall find himself, of him the world is not worthy.

112 Jesus said: Woe to the flesh which depends upon the soul; woe to the soul which depends upon the flesh.

113 His disciples said to him: On what day will the kingdom come? : It cometh not with observation. They will not say: Lo, here! or: Lo, there! But the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it.

114 Simon Peter said to them: Let Mary go forth from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Jesus said: Behold, I shall lead her, that I may make her male, in order that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who makes herself male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.


The Gospel Of Thomas - Infancy Gospel


Dating Est. 200-350 a.d (controversial)

Orig. Writer. Undetermined

Original text. Greek & Coptic

Discovered among a collection of 52 books near Nag Hammadi, Egypt in Dec 1945, the Gospel of Thomas is categorized as a pseudographical Gnostic writing. It claims to have been written by Jesus disciple Phillip. There are many contradictions between the canonized scripture and the text of the Gospel of Thomas.

Even though some of the text reflects scripture, the overall context reflects the works of the Gnostics who worked to influence true believers away from historic accuracy and the Christian faith into so called 'secret' knowledge. This text was found along with many other Gnostic texts.


The Gospel of Thomas - Infancy Gospel Text

Thomas the Israelite Philosopher's Account of the Infancy of the Lord.

1. I Thomas, an Israelite, write you this account, that all the brethren from among the heathen

may know the miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ in His infancy, which He did after His birth in our

country. The beginning of it is as follows:-

2. This child Jesus, when five years old, was playing in the ford of a mountain stream; and He

collected the flowing waters into pools, and made them clear immediately, and by a word alone

He made them obey Him. And having made some soft clay, He fashioned out of it twelve

sparrows. And it was the Sabbath when He did these things. And there were also many other

children playing with Him. And a certain Jew, seeing what Jesus was doing, playing on the

Sabbath, went off immediately, and said to his father Joseph: Behold, thy son is at the stream,

and has taken clay, and made of it twelve birds, and has profaned the Sabbath. And Joseph,

coming to the place and seeing, cried out to Him, saying: Wherefore doest thou on the Sabbath

what it is not lawful to do? And Jesus clapped His hands, and cried out to the sparrows, and said

to them: Off you go! And the sparrows flew, and went off crying. And the Jews seeing this were

amazed, and went away and reported to their chief men what they had seen Jesus doing.1

3. And the son of Annas the scribe was standing there with Joseph; and he took a willow branch,

and let out the waters which Jesus bad collected. And Jesus, seeing what was done, was angry,

and said to him: O wicked, impious, and foolish! what harm did the pools and the waters do to

thee? Behold, even now thou shalt be dried up like a tree, and thou shalt not bring forth either

leaves, or root,2 or fruit. And straightway that boy was quite dried up. And Jesus departed, and

went to Joseph's house. But the parents of the boy that had been dried up took him up,

bewailing his youth, and brought him to Joseph, and reproached him because, said they, thou

hast such a child doing such things.3

4. After that He was again passing through the village; and a boy ran up against Him, and struck

His shoulder. And Jesus was angry, and said to him: Thou shalt not go back the way thou camest.

And immediately he fell down dead. And some who saw what had taken place, said: Whence

was this child begotten, that every word of his is certainly accomplished? And the parents of the

dead boy went away to Joseph, and blamed him, saying: Since thou hast such a child, it is

impossible for thee to live with us in the village; or else teach him to bless, and not to curse:4 for

he is killing our children.

5. And Joseph called the child apart, and admonished Him, saying: Why doest thou such things,

and these people suffer, and hate us, and persecute us? And Jesus said: I know that these words

of thine are not thine own;5 nevertheless for thy sake I will be silent; but they shall bear their

punishment. And straightway those that accused Him were struck blind. And those who saw it

were much afraid and in great perplexity, and said about Him: Every word which he spoke,

whether good or bad, was an act, and became a wonder. And when they saw that Jesus had

done such a thing, Joseph rose and took hold of His ear, and pulled it hard. And the child was

very angry, and said to him: It is enough for thee to seek, and not to find; and most certainly

thou hast not done wisely. Knowest thou not that I am thine? Do not trouble me.6

6. And a certain teacher, Zacchaeus by name, was standing in a certain place, and heard Jesus

thus speaking to his father; and he wondered exceedingly, that, being a child, he should speak in

such a way. And a few days thereafter he came to Joseph, and said to him: Thou hast a sensible

child, and he has some mind. Give him to me, then, that he may learn letters; and I shall teach

him along with the letters all knowledge, both how to address all the elders, and to honour

them as forefathers and fathers, and how to love those of his own age. And He said to him all

the letters from the Alpha even to the Omega, clearly and with great exactness. And He looked

upon the teacher Zacchaeus, and said to him: Thou who art ignorant of the nature of the Alpha,

how canst thou teach others the Beta? Thou hypocrite! first, if thou knowest. teach the A, and

then we shall believe thee about the B. Then He began to question the teacher about the first

letter, and he was not able to answer Him. And in the hearing of many, the child says to

Zacchaeus: Hear, O teacher, the order of the first letter, and notice here how it has lines, and a

middle stroke crossing those which thou seest common; (lines) brought together; the highest

part supporting them, and again bringing them under one head; with three points of

intersection; of the same kind; principal and subordinate; of equal length. Thou hast the lines of

the A.

7. And when the teacher Zacchaeus heard the child speaking such and so great allegories of the

first letter, he was at a great loss about such a narrative, and about His teaching. And He said to

those that were present: Alas! I, wretch that I am, am at a loss, bringing shame upon myself by

having dragged this child hither. Take him away, then, I beseech thee, brother Joseph. I cannot

endure the sternness of his look; I cannot make out his meaning at all. That child does not

belong to this earth; he can tame even fire. Assuredly he was born before the creation of the

world. What sort of a belly bore him, what sort of a womb nourished him, I do not know. Alas!

my friend, he has carried me away; I cannot get at his meaning: thrice wretched that I am, I have

deceived myself. I made a struggle to have a scholar, and I was found to have a teacher. My

mind is filled with shame, my friends, because I, an old man, have been conquered by a child.

There is nothing for me but despondency and death on account of this boy, for I am not able at

this hour to look him in the face; and when everybody says that I have been beaten by a little

child, what can I say? And how can I give an account of the lines of the first letter that he spoke

about? I know not, O my friends; for I can make neither beginning nor end of him. Therefore, I

beseech thee, brother Joseph, take him home. What great thing he is, either god or angel, or

what I am to say, I know not.8

8. And when the Jews were encouraging Zacchaeus, the child laughed aloud, and said: Now let

thy learning bring forth fruit, and let the blind in heart see. I am here from above, that I may

curse them, and call them to the things that are above, as He that sent me on your account has

commanded me. And when the child ceased speaking, immediately all were made whole who

had fallen under His curse. And no one after that dared to make Him angry, lest He should curse

him, and he should be maimed.

9. And some days after, Jesus was playing in an upper room of a certain house, and one of the

children that were playing with Him fell down from the house, and was killed. And, when the

other children saw this, they ran away, and Jesus alone stood still. And the parents of the dead

child coming, reproached9 ...and they threatened Him. And Jesus leaped down from the roof,

and stood beside the body of the child, and cried with a loud voice, and said: Zeno-for that was

his name-stand up, and tell me; did I throw thee down? And he stood up immediately, and said:

Certainly not, my lord; thou didst not throw me down, but hast raised me up. And those that

saw this were struck with astonishment. And the child's parents glorified God on account of the

miracle that had happened, and adored Jesus.10

10. A few days after, a young man was splitting wood in the corner,11 and the axe came down

and cut the sole of his foot in two, and he died from loss of blood. And there was a great

commotion, and people ran together, and the child Jesus ran there too. And He pressed through

the crowd, and laid hold of the young man's wounded foot, and he was cured immediately. And

He said to the young man: Rise up now, split the wood, and remember me. And the crowd

seeing what had happened, adored the child, saying: Truly the Spirit of God dwells in this child.

11. And when He was six years old, His mother gave Him a pitcher, and sent Him to draw water,

and bring it into the house. But He struck against some one in the crowd, and the pitcher was

broken. And Jesus unfolded the cloak which He had on, and filled it with water, and carried it to

His mother. And His mother, seeing the miracle that had happened, kissed Him, and kept within

herself the mysteries which she had seen Him doing.12

12. And again in seed-time the child went out with His father to sow corn in their land. And

while His father was sowing, the child Jesus also sowed one gain of corn. And when He had

reaped it, and threshed it, He made a hundred kors;13 and calling all the poor of the village to

the threshing-floor, He gave them the corn, and Joseph took away what was left of the corn.

And He was eight years old when He did this miracle.14

13. And His father was a carpenter, and at that time made ploughs and yokes. And a certain rich

man ordered him to make him a couch. And one of what is called the cross pieces being too

short, they did not know what to do. The child Jesus said to His father Joseph: Put down the two

pieces of wood, and make them even in the middle. And Joseph did as the child said to him. And

Jesus stood at the other end, and took hold of the shorter piece of wood, and stretched it, and

made it equal to the other. And His father Joseph saw it, and wondered, and embraced the

child, and blessed Him, saying: Blessed am I, because God has given me this child.15

14. And Joseph, seeing that the child was vigorous in mind and body, again resolved that He

should not remain ignorant of the letters, and took Him away, and handed Him over to another

teacher. And the teacher said to Joseph: I shall first teach him the Greek letters, and then the

Hebrew. For the teacher was aware of the trial that had been made of the child, and was afraid

of Him. Nevertheless he wrote out the alphabet, and gave Him all his attention for a long time,

and He made him no answer. And Jesus said to him: If thou art really a teacher, and art well

acquainted with the letters, tell me the power of the Alpha, and I will tell thee the power of the

Beta. And the teacher was enraged at this, and struck Him on the head. And the child, being in

pain, cursed him; and immediately he swooned away, and fell to the ground on his face. And the

child returned to Joseph's house; and Joseph was grieved, and gave orders to His mother,

saying: Do not let him go outside of the door, because those that make him angry die.16

15. And after some time, another master again, a genuine friend of Joseph, said to him: Bring

the child to my school; perhaps I shall be able to flatter him into learning his letters. And Joseph

said: If thou hast the courage, brother, take him with thee. And he took Him with him in fear

and great agony; but the child went along pleasantly. And going boldly into the school, He found

a book lying on the reading- desk; and taking it, He read not the letters that were in it, but

opening His mouth, He spoke by the Holy Spirit, and taught the law to those that were standing

round. And a great crowd having come together, stood by and heard Him, and wondered at the

ripeness of His teaching, and the readiness of His words, and that He, child as He was, spoke in

such a way. And Joseph hearing of it, was afraid, and ran to the school, in doubt lest his master

too should be without experience.17 And the master said to Joseph: Know, brother, that I have

taken the child as a scholar, and he is full of much grace and wisdom; but I beseech thee,

brother, take him home. And when the child heard this, He laughed at him directly, and said:

Since thou hast spoken aright, and witnessed aright, for thy sake he also that was struck down

shall be cured. And immediately the other master was cured. And Joseph took the child, and

went away home.

16. And Joseph sent his son James to tie up wood and bring it home, and the child Jesus also

followed him. And when James was gathering the fagots, a viper bit James' hand. And when he

was racked with pain, and at the point of death, Jesus came near and blew upon the bite; and

the pain ceased directly, and the beast burst, and instantly James remained safe and sound.19

17. And after this the infant of one of Joseph's neighbours fell sick and died, and its mother wept

sore. And Jesus heard that there was great lamentation and commotion, and ran in haste, and

found the child dead, and touched his breast, and said: I say to thee, child, be not dead, but live,

and be with thy mother. And directly it looked up and laughed. And He said to the woman: Take

it, and give it milk, and remember me. And seeing this, the crowd that was standing by

wondered, and said: Truly this child was either God or an angel of God, for every word of his is a

certain fact. And Jesus went out thence, playing with the other children.20

18. And some time after there occurred a great commotion while a house was building, and

Jesus stood up and went away to the place. And seeing a man lying dead, He took him by the

hand, and said: Man, I say to thee, arise, and go on with thy work. And directly he rose up, and

adored Him. And seeing this, the crowd wondered, and said: This child is from heaven, for he

has saved many souls from death, and he continues to save during all his life.

19. And when He was twelve years old His parents went as usual to Jerusalem to the feast of the

passover with their fellow-travellers. And after the passover they were coming home again. And

while they were coming home, the child Jesus went back to Jerusalem. And His parents thought

that He was in the company. And having gone one day's journey, they sought for Him among

their relations; and not finding Him, they were in great grief, and turned back to the city seeking

for Him. And after the third day they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the

teachers, both hearing the law and asking them questions. And they were all attending to Him,

and wondering that He, being a child, was shutting the mouths of the elders and teachers of the

people, explaining the main points of the law and the parables of the prophets. And His mother

Mary coming up, said to Him: Why hast thou done this to us, child? Behold, we have been

seeking for thee in great trouble. And Jesus said to them: Why do you seek me? Do you not

know that I must be about my Father's business?21 And the scribes and the Pharisees said: Art

thou the mother of this child? And she said: I am. And they said to her: Blessed art thou among

women, for God hath blessed the fruit of thy womb; for such glory, and such virtue and wisdom,

we have neither seen nor heard ever. And Jesus rose up, and followed His mother, and was

subject to His parents. And His mother observed all these things that had happened. And Jesus

advanced in wisdom, and stature, and grace.22 To whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.


Second Greek Form

The Writing of the Holy Apostle Thomas Concerning the Childhood of the Lord.

1. I Thomas the Israelite have deemed it necessary to make known to all the brethren of the

heathen the great things which our Lord Jesus Christ did in His childhood, when He dwelt in the

body in the city of Nazareth, going in the fifth year of His age.

2. On one of the days, there being a rainstorm, He went out of the house where His mother was,

and played on the ground where the waters were flowing. And He made pools, and brought in

the waters, and the pools were filled with water. Then He says: It is my will that you become

clear and excellent waters. And they became so directly. And a certain boy, the son of Annas the

scribe, came past, and with a willow branch which he was carrying threw down the pools, and

the water flowed out. And Jesus turning, said to him: O impious and wicked, how have the pools

wronged thee, that thou hast emptied them? Thou shall not go on thy way, and thou shalt be

dried up like the branch which thou art carrying. And as he went along, in a short time he fell

down and died. And when the children that were playing with him saw this, they wondered, and

went away and told the father of the dead boy. And he ran and found his child dead, and he

went away and reproached Joseph.

3. And Jesus made of that clay twelve sparrows, and it was the Sabbath. And a child ran and told

Joseph, saying: Behold, thy child is playing about the stream, and of the clay he has made

sparrows, which is not lawful. And when he heard this, he went, and said to the child: Why dost

thou do this, profaning the Sabbath? But Jesus gave him no answer, but looked upon the

sparrows, and said: Go away, fly, and live, and remember me. And at this word they flew, and

went up into the air. And when Joseph saw it, he wondered.

4. And some days after, when Jesus was going through the midst of the city, a boy threw a stone

at Him, and struck Him on the shoulder. And Jesus said to him: Thou shalt not go on thy way.

And directly falling down, he also died. And they that happened to be there were struck with

astonishment, saying: Whence is this child, that every word he says is certainly accomplished?

And they also went and reproached Joseph, saying: It is impossible for thee to live with us in this

city: but if thou wishest to do so, teach thy child to bless, and not to curse: for he is killing our

children, and everything that he says is certainly accomplished.

5. And Joseph was sitting in his seat, and the child stood before him; and he took hold of Him by

the ear, and pinched it hard. And Jesus looked at him steadily, and said: It is enough for thee.

6. And on the day after he took Him by the hand, and led Him to a certain teacher, Zacchaeus by

name, and says to him: O master, take this child, and teach him his letters. And he says: Hand

him over to me, brother, and I shall teach him the Scripture; and I shall persuade him to bless all,

and not to curse. And Jesus hearing, laughed, and said to them: You say what you know; but I

know more than you, for I am before the ages. And I know when your fathers' fathers were

born; and I know how many are the years of your life. And hearing this, they were struck with

astonishment. And again Jesus said to them: You wonder because I said to you that I knew how

many are the years of your life. Assuredly I know when the world was created. Behold, you do

not believe me now. When you see my cross, then will ye believe that I speak the truth. And

they were struck with astonishment when they heard these things.

7. And Zacchaeus, having written the alphabet in Hebrew, says to Him: Alpha. And the child

says: Alpha. And again the teacher: Alpha; and the child likewise. Then again the teacher says

the Alpha for the third time. Then Jesus, looking in the master's face, says: How canst thou, not

knowing the Alpha, teach another the Beta? And the child, beginning from the Alpha, said by

Himself the twenty-two letters. Then also He says again: Hear, O teacher, the order of the first

letter, and know how many entrances and lines it has, and strokes common, crossing and

coming together.1 And when Zacchaeus heard such an account of the one letter, he was so

struck with astonishment, that he could make no answer. And he turned and said to Joseph: This

child assuredly, brother, does not belong to the earth. Take him, then, away from me.

8. And after these things, on one of the days Jesus was playing with other children on the roof of

a house. And one boy was pushed by another, and hurled down upon the ground, and he died.

And seeing this, the boys that were playing with him ran away; and Jesus only was left standing

upon the roof from which the boy had been hurled down. And when the news was brought to

the parents of the dead boy, they ran weeping; and finding their boy lying dead upon the

ground, and Jesus standing above, they supposed that their boy had been thrown down by Him;

and fixing their eyes upon Him, they reviled Him. And seeing this, Jesus directly came down from

the roof, and stood at the head of the dead body, and says to him: Zeno, did I throw thee down?

Stand up, and tell us. For this was the name of the boy. And at the word the boy stood up and

adored Jesus, and said: My lord, thou didst not throw me down, but thou hast brought me to life

when I was dead.

9. And a few days after, one of the neighbours, when splitting wood, cut away the lower part of

his foot with the axe, and was on the point of death from loss of blood. And a great number of

people ran together, and Jesus came with them to the place. And He took hold of the young

man's wounded foot, and cured him directly, and says to him: Rise up, split thy wood. And he

rose up and adored Him, giving thanks, and splitting the wood. Likewise also all that were there

wondered, and gave thanks to Him.

10. And when He was six years old, Mary His mother sent Him to bring water from the fountain.

And as He went along, the pitcher was broken. And going to the fountain He unfolded His

overcoat, and drew water from the fountain, and filled it, and took the water to His mother. And

seeing this, she was struck with astonishment, and embraced Him, and kissed Him.

11. And when Jesus had come to the eighth year of His age, Joseph was ordered by a certain rich

man to make him a couch. For he was a carpenter. And he went out into the field to get wood;

and Jesus went with him. And having cut two pieces of wood, and smoothed them with the axe,

he put the one beside the other; and in measuring he found it too short. And when he saw this

he was grieved, and sought to find another piece. And seeing this, Jesus says to him: Put these

two pieces together, so as to make both ends even. And Joseph, in doubt as to what the child

should mean, did as he was told. And He says to him again: Take a firm hold of the short piece.

And Joseph, in astonishment, took hold of it. Then Jesus also, taking hold of the other end, drew

it towards Himself, and make it equal to the other piece of wood. And He says to Joseph: Grieve

no more, but do thy work without hindrance. And seeing this, he wondered greatly, and says to

himself: Blessed am I, because God has given me such a boy. And when they came back to the

city, Joseph gave an account of the matter to Mary. And when she heard and saw the strange

miracles of her son, she rejoiced and glorified Him, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and

ever, and for evermore. Amen.


Third Latin Form

Here Beginneth the Treatise of the Boyhood of Jesus According to Thomas.

CHAPTER I.-How Mary and Joseph Fled with Him into Egypt.

When a commotion took place in consequence of the search made by Herod for our Lord Jesus

Christ to kill Him, then an angel said to Joseph: Take Mary and her boy, and flee into Egypt from

the face of those who seek to kill Him. And Jesus was two years old when He went into Egypt.

And as He was walking through a field of corn, He stretched forth His hand, and took of the ears,

and put them over the fire, and rubbed them, and began to eat.

And when they had come into Egypt, they received hospitality in the house of a certain widow,

and they remained in the same place one year.

And Jesus was in His third year. And seeing boys playing, He began to play with them. And He

took a dried fish, and put it into a basin, and ordered it to move about. And it began to move

about. And He said again to the fish: Throw out thy salt which thou hast, and walk into the

water. And it so came to pass. And the neighbours, seeing what had been done, told it to the

widow woman in whose house Mary His mother lived. And as soon as she heard it, she thrust

them out of her house with great haste.

CHAPTER II.-How a Schoolmaster Thrust Him Out of the City.

And as Jesus was walking with Mary His mother through the middle of the city market-place, He

looked and saw a schoolmaster teaching his scholars. And behold twelve sparrows that were

quarrelling fell over the wall into the bosom of that schoolmaster, who was teaching the boys.

And seeing this, Jesus was very much amused, and stood still. And when that teacher, saw Him

making merry, he said to his scholars with great fury: Go and bring him to me. And when they

had carried Him to the master, he seized Him by the ear, and said: What didst thou see, to

amuse thee so much? And He said to him: Master, see my hand full of wheat. I showed it to

them, and scattered the wheat among them, and they carry it out of the middle of the street

where they are in danger; and on this account they fought among themselves to divide the

wheat. And Jesus did not pass from the place until it was accomplished. And this being done, the

master began to thrust Him out of the city, along with His mother.

CHAPTER III.-How Jesus Went Out of Egypt.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord met Mary, and said to her: Take up the boy, and return into the

land of the Jews, for they who sought His life are dead. And Mary rose up with Jesus; and they

proceeded into the city of Nazareth, which is among the possessions of her father. And when

Joseph went out of Egypt after the death of Herod, he kept Him in the desert until there should

be quietness in Jerusalem on the part of those who were seeking the boy's life. And he gave

thanks to God because He had given him understanding, and because he had found favour in

the presence of the Lord God. Amen.

CHAPTER IV.-What the Lord Jesus Did in the City of Nazareth.

It is glorious that Thomas the Israelite and apostle of the Lord gives an account also of the works

of Jesus after He came out of Egypt into Nazareth. Understand all of you, my dearest brethren,

what the Lord Jesus did when He was in the city of Nazareth; the first chapter of which is as


And when Jesus was five years old, there fell a great rain upon the earth, and the boy Jesus

walked up and down through it. And there was a terrible rain, and He collected it into a fish-

pond, and ordered it by His word to become clear. And immediately it became so. Again He took

of the clay which was of that fish-pond, and made of it to the number of twelve sparrows. And it

was the Sabbath when Jesus did this among the boys of the Jews. And the boys of the Jews went

away, and said to Joseph His father: Behold, thy son was playing along with us, and he took clay

and made sparrows, which it was not lawful to do on the Sabbath; and he has broken it. And

Joseph went away to the boy Jesus, and said to Him: Why hast thou done this, which it was not

lawful to do on the Sabbath? And Jesus opened His hands, and ordered the sparrows, saying: Go

up into the air, and fly; nobody shall kill you. And they flew, and began to cry out, and praise

God Almighty. And the Jews seeing what had happened, wondered, and went away and told the

miracles which Jesus had done. But a Pharisee who was with Jesus took an olive branch, and

began to let the water out of the fountain which Jesus had made. And when Jesus saw this, He

said to him in a rage: Thou impious and ignorant Sodomite, what harm have my works the

fountains of water done thee? Behold, thou shalt become like a dry tree, having neither roots,

nor leaves, nor fruit. And immediately he dried up, and fell to the ground, and died. And his

parents took him away dead, and reproached Joseph, saying: See what thy son has done; teach

him to pray, and not to blaspheme.

CHAPTER V.-How the Citizens Were Enraged Against Joseph on Account of the Doings of Jesus.

And a few days after, as Jesus was walking through the town with Joseph, one of the children

ran up and struck Jesus on the arm. And Jesus said to him: So shalt thou not finish thy journey.

And immediately he fell to the ground, and died. And those who saw these wonderful things

cried out, saying: Whence is that boy? And they said to Joseph: It is not right for such a boy to be

among us. And Joseph went and brought Him. And they said to him: Go away from this place;

but if thou must live with us, teach him to; pray, and not to blaspheme: hut our children have

been killed. Joseph called Jesus, and reproved Him, saying: Why dost thou blaspheme? For these

people who live here hate us And Jesus said: I know that these words are not mine, but thine;

but I will hold my tongue for thy sake: and let them see to it in their wisdom. And immediately

those who were speaking against Jesus became blind. And they walked up and down, and said:

All the words which proceed from his mouth are accomplished. And Joseph seeing what Jesus

bad done, in a fury seized Him by the ear; and Jesus said to Joseph in anger: It is enough for thee

to see me, not to touch me. For thou knowest not who I am; but if thou didst know, thou

wouldst not make me angry. And although just now I am with thee, I was made before thee.

CHAPTER VI.-How Jesus Was Treated by the Schoolmaster.

Therefore a certain man named Zacheus1 listened to all that Jesus was saying to Joseph, and in

great astonishment said to himself: Such a boy speaking in this way I have never seen. And he

went up to Joseph, and said: That is an intelligent boy of thine; hand him over to me to learn his

letters; and when he has thoroughly learned his letters, I shall teach him honourably, so that he

may be no fool. But Joseph answered and said to him: No one can teach him but God alone. You

do not believe that that little boy will be of little consequence? And when Jesus heard Joseph

speaking in this way, He said to Zacheus: Indeed, master, whatever proceeds from my mouth is

true. And before all I was Lord, but you are foreigners. To me has been given the glory of the

ages, to you has been given nothing; because I am before the ages. And I know how many years

of life thou wilt have, and that thou wilt be carried into exile: and my Father hath appointed this,

that thou mayest understand that whatever proceeds from my mouth is true. And the Jews who

were standing by, and hearing the words which Jesus spoke, were astonished, and said: We

have seen such wonderful things, and heard such words from that boy, as we have never heard,

nor are likely to hear from any other human being,-either from the high priests, or the masters,

or the Pharisees. Jesus answered and said to them: Why do you wonder? Do you consider it

incredible that I have spoken the truth? I know when both you and your fathers were born, and

to tell you more, when the world was made: I know also who sent me to you.2 And when the

Jews heard the words which the child had spoken, they wondered, because that they were not

able to answer. And, communing with Himself, the child exulted and said: I have told you a

proverb; and I know that you are weak and ignorant.

And that schoolmaster said to Joseph: Bring him to me, and I shall teach him letters. And Joseph

took hold of the boy Jesus, and led Him to the house of a certain schoolmaster, where other

boys were being taught. Now the master in soothing words began to teach Him His letters, and

wrote for Him the first line, which is from A to T,3 and began to stroke Him and teach Him. And

that teacher struck the child on the head: and when He had received the blow, the child said to

him: I should teach thee, and not thou me; I know the letters which thou wishest to teach me,

and I know that you are to me like vessels from which there come forth only sounds, and no

wisdom. And, beginning the line, He said the letters from A to T in full, and very fist. And He

looked at the master, and said to him: Thou indeed canst not tell us what A and B are; how dost

thou wish to teach others? O hypocrite, if thou knowest and will tell me about the A, then will I

tell thee about the B. And when that teacher began to tell4 about the first letter, he was unable

to give any answer. And Jesus said to Zacheus: Listen to me, master; understand the first letter.

See how it has two lines; advancing in the middle, standing still, giving, scattering, varying,

threatening; triple intermingled with double; at the same time homogeneous, having all

common. 5 And Zacheus, seeing that He so divided the first letter, was stupefied about the first letter, and

about such a human being and such learning; and he cried out, and said: Woe's me, for I am

quite stupefied; I have brought disgrace upon myself through, that child. And he said to Joseph: I

earnestly entreat thee, brother, take him away from me, because I cannot look upon his face,

nor hear his mighty words. Because that child can tame fire and bridle the sea: for he was born

before the ages. What womb brought him forth, or what mother6 nursed him, I know not. Oh,

my friends, I am driven out of my senses; I have become a wretched laughing- stock. And I said

that I had got a scholar; but he has been found to be my master. And my disgrace I cannot get

over, because I am an old man; and what to say to him I cannot find. All I have to do is to fall

into some grievous illness, and depart from this world; or to leave this town, because all have

seen my disgrace. An infant has deceived me. What answer can I give to others, or what words

can I say, because he has got the better of me in the first letter? I am struck dumb, O my friends

and acquaintances; neither beginning nor end can I find of an answer to him. And now I beseech

thee, brother Joseph, take him away from me, and lead him home, because he is a master, or

the Lord, or an angel. What to say I do not know. And Jesus turned to the Jews who were with

Zacheus, and said to them: Let all not seeing see, and not understanding understand; let the

deaf hear, and let those who are dead through me rise again; and those who are exalted, let me

call to still higher things, as He who sent me to you hath commanded me. And when Jesus

ceased speaking, all who had been affected with any infirmity through His words were made

whole. And they did not dare to speak to Him.

CHAPTER VII.-How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

One day, when Jesus was climbing on a certain house, along with the children, He began to play

with them. And one of the boys fell down through a back-door, and died immediately: And

when the children saw this, they all ran away; but Jesus remained in the house.7 And when the

parents of the boy who had died had come, they spoke against Jesus: Surely it was thou who

made him fall down; and they reviled Him. And Jesus, coming down from the house. stood over

the dead child, and with a loud voice called out the name of the child: Sinoo, Sinoo, rise and say

whether it was I that made thee fall down. And suddenly he rose up, and said: No, my lord. And

his parents, seeing such a great miracle done by Jesus, glorified God, and adored Jesus.

CHAPTER VIII.-How Jesus Healed a Boy's Foot.

And a few days thereafter, a boy in that town was splitting wood, and struck his foot. And a

great crowd went to him, and Jesus too went with them. And He touched the foot which had

been hurt, and immediately it was made whole. And Jesus said to him: Rise, and split the wood,

and remember me. And when the crowd saw the miracles that were done by Him, they adored

Jesus, and said: Indeed we most surely believe that Thou art God.

CHAPTER IX.-How Jesus Carried Water in a Cloak.

And when Jesus was six years old, His mother sent Him to draw water. And when Jesus had

come to the fountain, or to the well, there were great crowds there, and they broke His pitcher.

And He took the cloak which He had on, and filled it with water, and carried it to His mother

Mary. And His mother, seeing the miracles which Jesus had done, kissed Him, and said: O Lord,

hear me, and save my son.

CHAPTER X.-How Jesus Sowed Wheat.

In the time of sowing, Joseph went out to sow wheat, and Jesus followed him. And when Joseph

began to sow, Jesus stretched out His hand, and took as much wheat as He could hold in His fist,

and scattered it. Joseph therefore came at reaping-time to reap his harvest. Jesus came also,

and collected the ears which He had scattered, and they made a hundred pecks8 of the best

grain; and he called the poor, and the widows, and the orphans, and distributed to them the 

wheat which He had made. Joseph also took a little of the same wheat, for the blessing of Jesus

to his house.

CHAPTER XI.-How Jesus Made a Short Piece of Wood of the Same Length as a Longer One.

And Jesus reached the age of eight years, Joseph was a master builder,9 and used to make

ploughs and ox-yokes. And one day a rich man said to Joseph: Master, make me a couch, both

useful and beautiful. And Joseph was in distress, because the wood which he had brought10 for

the work was too short. And Jesus said to him: Do not be annoyed. Take hold of this piece of

wood by one end, and I by the other; I and let us draw it out. And they did so; and immediately

he found it useful for that which he wished. And He said to Joseph: Behold, do the work which

thou wishest. And Joseph, seeing what He had done, embraced Him, and said: Blessed am I,

because God hath given me such a son.

CHAPTER XII.-How Jesus Was Handed Over to Learn His Letters.

And Joseph, seeing that He had such favour, and that He was increasing in stature, thought it

right to take Him to learn His letters. And he handed Him over to another teacher to be taught.

And that teacher said to Joseph: What letters dost thou wish me to teach that boy? Joseph

answered and said: First teach him the Gentile letters, and then the Hebrew. For the teacher

knew that He was very intelligent, and willingly took Him in hand. And writing for Him the first

line, which is A and B, he taught Him for some hours.11 But Jesus was silent, and made him no

answer. Jesus said to the master: If thou art indeed a master, and if thou indeed knowest the

letters, tell me the power12 of the A, and I shall tell thee the power of the B. Then His master

was filled with fury, and struck Him on the head. And Jesus was angry, and cursed him; and he

suddenly fell down, and died.

And Jesus returned home. And Joseph gave orders to Mary His mother, not to let Him go out of

the court of his house.

CHAPTER XIII.-How He Was Handed Over to Another Master.

Many days after came another teacher, a friend of Joseph, and said to him: Hand him over to

me, and I with much sweetness will teach him his letters. And Joseph said to him: If thou art

able, take him and teach him. May it be attended with joy. When the teacher had taken Him, he

went along in fear and in great firmness, and held Him with exultation. And when He had come

to the teacher's house, He found a book lying there, and took it and opened it, and did not read

what was written in the book; but opened His mouth, and spoke from the Holy Spirit, and taught

the law. And, indeed, all who were standing there listened to Him attentively; and the master

sat down beside Him, and listened to Him with pleasure, and entreated Him to teach them

more. And a great crowd being gathered together, they heard all the holy teaching which He

taught, and the choice words which I came forth from the mouth of Him who, child as He was,

spake such things. And Joseph, hearing of this, was afraid, and running13 ...the master, where

Jesus was, said to Joseph: Know, brother, that I have received thy child to teach him or train

him; but he is filled with much gravity and wisdom. Lo, now, take him home with joy, my

brother; because the gravity which he has, has been given him by the Lord. And Jesus, hearing

the master thus speaking, became cheerful, and said: Lo, now, master, thou hast truly said. For

thy sake, he who is dead shall rise again. And Joseph took Him home.

CHAPTER XIV.-How Jesus Delivered James from the Bite of a Serpent.

And Joseph sent James to gather straw, and Jesus followed him. And while James was gathering

the straw, a viper bit him; and he fell to the ground, as if dead from the poison. And Jesus seeing

this, blew upon his wound; and immediately James was made whole, and the viper died.

CHAPTER XV.-How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

A few days after, a child, His neighbour, died, and his mother mourned for him sore. Jesus,

hearing this, went and stood over the boy, and knocked upon his breast, and said: I say to thee,

child, do not die, but live. And immediately the child rose up. And Jesus said to the boy's

mother: Take thy son, and give him the breast, and remember me. And the crowd, seeing this

miracle, said: In truth, this child is from heaven; for already has he freed many souls from death,

and he has made whole all that hope in him.

The scribes and Pharisees said to Mary: Art thou the mother of this child? And Mary said: Indeed

I am. And they said to her: Blessed art thou among women,14 since God hath blessed the fruit

of thy womb, seeing that He hath given thee such a glorious child, and such a gift of wisdom, as

we have never seen nor heard of. Jesus rose up and followed His mother. And Mary kept in her

heart all the great miracles that Jesus had done among the people, in healing many that were

diseased. And Jesus grew in stature and wisdom; and all who saw Him glorified God the Father

Almighty, who is blessed for ever and ever. Amen.

And all these things I Thomas the Israelite have written what I have seen, and have recounted

them to the Gentiles and to our brethren, and many other things done by Jesus, who was born

in the land of Judah. Behold, the house of Israel has seen all, from the first even to the last; how

great signs and wonders Jesus did among them, which were exceedingly good, and invisible to

their father,15 as holy Scripture relates, and the prophets have borne witness to His works in all

the peoples of Israel. And He it is who is to judge the world according to the will of immortality,

since He is the Son of God throughout all the world. To Him is due all glory and honour for ever,

who lives and reigns God through all ages of ages. Amen.


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