Watch Tower Contradictions and Jehovah's Witness Exposed


The following scans are from printed copies of the Watch Tower Magazine and other Jehovah's Witness


It exposed contradictions within their own organization and contradictions between their theology and

rightly interpreted Christian theology.

Chapter 1 - Examine Your Own Religion

The first part examines the JW's literature supposed claims to encourage others to examine

their own religion. Later on however, all of their religious teachings discourage independent thought

and focuses on bringing others into the 'mother' religion, and only accepting what the Watch Tower


Chapter 2 - WTO the Watch Tower Organization is a self proclaimed prophetic mouth piece of God.

These are scanned copies of the watch towers magazines self proclamation to being the

mouthpiece of God. It goes over Charles Russell 'revelations' and supposes he was a prophet of God, and

that this gifting has passed on to the Watch Tower Society.

Chapter 3 - Trust in the JW Organization

Part 3 are scanned copies of JW literature that teach people should put their faith in their

organization, and trust in everything that they say.

Chapter 4 - New Revelations and Text Changes

Part 4 have various scanned copies of JW literature that admit they understand that anything

that comes from God will never be found false.

Chapter 5 - The Famous 1914 Jehovah's Witness False Prophecy - scanned copy

Chapter 6 - The Famous 1915 Jehovah's Witness False Prophecy - scanned copy

Chapter 7 - Scanned copies of other false prophecies found in Jehovah's Witness Literature.

Chapter 8 - Watch Towers proclamation that Jesus Christ reign began in 1874. Scanned copies of JW's

literature of their supposed 'evidence' that God came to earth and has been reigning as the head of

their organization ever since.

Chapter 9 - JW's literature that teach no one should listen to false prophets. Even after their repeated

mistakes and false prophecies.

Chapter 10 - Mistranslation of the JW 'New World Translation' compared to the real translation of the


Chapter 11 - Evidence from the original Greek biblical translations that Jesus is God despite the JW 'New

World Translations,' bad translation into English.

Chapter 12 - Other bad 'New World Translation' bad Biblical translations.

Chapter 13 - Scanned copies of JW's literature revealing that the Watch Tower is the only means for

salvation, anyone direct contradiction to the Bible stating that Jesus is the only way and means of


Chapter 14 - Scanned copies of JW;'s literature revealing contradictions within their own literature

stating at later times (post 1980) that Charles Russell was not a prophet, nor did they ever claim that he